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About Living Economics
Living Economics provides real-world stories, cutting-edge Flash animations, test banks, and online lectures for economic teachers to customize their own principles textbooks. It is intended to serve primarily those teachers who have been searching for a principles textbook that teaches economic concepts from real-world stories instead of widgets. Living Economics is inspired by the time-honored practice of learning languages through immersion rather than remembering grammatical rules.

An online customizable textbook has the following advantages:
  • It permits endless departures from the standard textbooks without any constraints from scale economy typical of hard-copy textbooks.
  • Contents can be updated dynamically as posted materials are updated and new materials are added.
  • Links to relevant sites could be easily added to supplement Living Economics contents.
Living Economics is also a Creative Commons of shared interests. It is open to those teachers who are willing to contribute to the Living Economics philosophy. As a publishing platform, it welcomes submission of teaching materials from teachers and students of economics. To see how Living Economics works, see a short video demo.

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